My best friend with un-conditional love!

Brusier (My best friend and son)

A long-haired Pekingese brushed out and ready for show
Other namesPeking Lion DogLion DogChinese SpanielPelchiePeking Palasthund北京犬宮廷獅子狗京巴
Common nicknamesPeke
Classification / standardsFCIGroup 9, Section 8 Japan Chin and Pekingese #207standardAKCGroup 1 (Toys)standardCKCGroup 5 – ToysstandardKC (UK)ToystandardNZKCToystandardUKCCompanion Breedsstandard
Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris)
My crazy wet dog! Bruiser 

The Pekingese (also known as the Lion DogPeking Lion DogPelchie Dog, or Peke) is an ancient breed of toy dog, originating in China. They are called Lion Dogs due to their resemblance to Chinese guardian lions (the Shih Tzu is also known as a Lion Dog in Chinese).

The breed was favored by royalty of the Chinese Imperial court as both a lap dog and companion dog, and its name refers to the city of Peking(Beijing) where the Forbidden City is located. The breed has several characteristics and health issues related to its unique appearance. Because of its desirable characteristics, the Pekingese has been part of the development of designer crossbreeds, such as the Peekapoo (crossed with a poodle) and Peke-a-tese (crossed with a Maltese).

The Pekingese, originating from Western China, were proud companions of the Chinese Buddhist monks. These dogs are also found to be owned by Chinese princes.

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