BIOGRAPHY of Glen Tennison

Mr. Glen Tennison became the Director of Marketing for Aircraft Cabin Systems (ACS) in October of 1999.  ACS is a new company, whose goal is to provide safe, reliable and high performance aircraft cabin entertainment systems for general aviation aircraft.  ACS is the sole provider of Matsushita Avionics Systems Corporation (MASC/Now Panasonic Avionics) products to the general aviation industry.

Mr. Tennison came to ACS with a background in engineering and in sales.  He began his career with an education in digital electronics and computer science.  He started in 1980 as an engineer at Electro-Voice TAPCO where he trouble shot high speed components, designed production board testers and did repairs and modifications to audio power and mixing equipment programs.  In 1982, he worked as a warranty service manager for audio switching power supplies at the Carver Corporation.  His responsibilities included

RF tuner design and patented noise circuit engineering for Mr. Bob Carver.

In 1984 Mr. Tennison moved to Pacific Electro Dynamics (Olin) where he worked on military switching power supply engineering design changes and testing, was the focal for the B-1 bomber rotary launcher program, as well as military/commercial PA amplifier qualification and testing to Grumman and Boeing standards.  Throughout the next few years he worked in various engineering capacities at the Eldec Corporation, Spacelabs and Sunstrand Data Control.

Mr. Tennison moved to MASC in 1989 where he worked as a customer engineer/cabin management systems test engineer until 1997.  There he validated, tested, analyzed software and hardware implementations to meet Specification Control Requirements (SCD & ICD), and trouble shot  RF video/PCM audio and local area networks with a UNIX platform.  He worked on the first Boeing production digital video (MPEG-2) installation on Saudi Airlines B747-400, concluded HIRF, EMI and power harmonic qualification tests to DO-160C and FAA requirements.  He also served as a cockpit printer AEEC engineering representative on ARINC committee 740/744 and 628 specifications.  He has STC/TC certification experience on all model Boeing, Airbus, and McDonnell Douglas aircraft.

In January of 1998, Mr. Tennison moved to Pacific Systems as a senior software systems engineer.  Pacific Systems was soon purchased by AIRSHOW Corporation, and Mr. Tennison was promoted to sales engineer.  There he was responsible for sales, including the design and development of all major business aircraft cabin management systems.  He prepared software specifications to meet FAA/DO-178A specifications, validated the system block diagrams for the first article inspections and STC certifications.

Mr. Tennison was born in Duluth, Minnesota.

He is an avid pet enthusiast and enjoys snow skiing, jet skiing, surfing the net, automobile restoration and other assorted hobbies.

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