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Vacuum Tube amplifiers are my specialty.
Repaired/Modified hundreds of Fender and Mesa Boogies including the Mark 1 Vintage that you can view in the project area.
Peavey brand equipment including all models. In house parts for the Loud Technologies products: Mackie, EAW, TAPCO, CRATE and AMPEG.

Worked many years for Mr. Greg Mackie, Mr. Bob Carver at Carver Corporation, TAPCO and Loud Technologies testing compliance, safety, EMC/EMI and service manager.

Brands included in my many many years of experience are Loud Technologies/CRATE/Blackheart/Intersound/EAW and so many other tube amplifiers while at Loud Technologies and Microsoft.

Consulted and worked for many companies in the great Northwest in the audio/video/data world!

See my resume on this web site section BIO. Great journey of electronics in many different fields!
Auto and Home Stereo repair, any digital or analog amplifiers, any type professional audio gear and guitar amps / instrument amplifiers.
Microphone and pickups can be fixed along with Bass and Guitar mods and conversions. See project for more detailed information.

Speaker and compression horn driver repair including pro-amplifier speakers (Mackie/EAW/JBL/Other).
XBOX consoles or any Game console/controllers with experience as Lab Manager in R&D for Microsoft XBOX.

All work is backed up with a 30 day written guarantee. 30 years’ experience in Seattle/Tacoma plus world wide repair of Aircraft Audio/Video electronics!

In home service available in the Seattle Tacoma area but please ship it to me. Shipping is not expensive if not in a hurry.
E-mail for details: L2Glen@aol.com

My drum set from the past!

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